Wo ich bin

Immer wieder und gerne unterwegs zu meinen liebsten Orten, zuhause aber in Zürich und prima erreichbar via

Where I am

Over and over again and gladly on the way to my favorite places, but at home in Zurich and easily accessible via

  • Camaiore with a view
  • Athens
  • Husum Port
  • the sea
  • Fleamarket Athens
  • sunset over the italien sea
  • staireway, Vellexon, France
  • sailing boats in Zurich
  • velvet sofa in Malaga
  • Athens the Protector
  • Hamburg hafen
  • Kopenhagen
  • Phone cabin, Athens
  • Parkbank in Berlin
  • Frigiliana Sneakers on a wire
  • Graffiti in Athens
  • the Sky
  • Engadin
  • Färöer islands
  • Harpa, Reykjavik
  • my favourite place, Iceland
  • morning scene Sperlonga
  • my favourite place to write, Iceland
  • Reflection on glass in Vienna
  • seagulls Zurich
  • Mytilene at sunset
  • River in Iceland
  • pedestrian subway London, UK
  • the northern sea, Sylt
  • Lavafield under blue sky
  • building by Renzo Piano, Athens, Greece
  • sheep gahtering, Iceland
  • Ursula in front of a picture
  • favourite dog and traces in the sand